Murder Most Extreme

To catch the killer she must enter his twisted underworld

Murder Most Extreme

by Elizabeth Rex

Struggling to solve a series of horrific murders, to what depths would a senior detective plunge, in the line of duty?

Will DCI Ann Dixon find herself crumbling in the face of bitter public derision, press humiliation and scorn from the victim’s relatives? Mocked by male colleagues for incompetence, it seems only wilful determination can save her failing career. But catching the perpetrator may require overriding all sense of self respect amidst the irony of striving to retain dignity set against the criminal underworld of murder, mixed with the occult, sadomasochistic sex, the usually confidant and and self assured DCI Dixon has her emotions tested to the limit. Resolute in her fight to succeed, she becomes entwined in the depravity of the murders. Will his determination to outwit her, tarnish her reputation forever? As a complex web of events unravel, involving human trafficking, MI6, Interpol, DEA officers, Mossad agents and a journey to the Brazilian forest, Dixon is left fighting on all fronts to retain her credibility. The murderer must be stopped. But How? Mired in bitter personal grief, her nerves and skill are almost shredded. On her relentless quest for justice, she comes face to face with the killer in a nail biting final scene. Will she survive?

"The urgency in the voice that replied caused Ann to sit bolt upright. 'Sorry to wake you, Guv, but can you get over here as soon as possible?' She recognised the voice immediately. It was Sergeant David Hughes on the line."

Excerpt from Murder Most Extreme

"The naked, bloodstained body of the victim that hung upside down from the banister resembled a grotesque carcass at an abattoir. Rivulets of blood pooled beneath the victim’s head."

Excerpt from Murder Most Extreme

"The extensive bleeding and formation of clots around the wounds suggested that the cuts were made while the victim was still alive. It was clear that the murderer intended to inflict severe suffering prior to death."

Excerpt from Murder Most Extreme

"'George, can you tell me, did your brother have any enemies that you knew of, or someone you know who might have wanted to harm him?' George shook his head and looked at the floor. 'Tom was well liked by all his colleagues and friends.'"

Excerpt from Murder Most Extreme

"David noticed how Luke frequently diverted his gaze to Ann’s shapely legs. This act alone began to nurture in David an intense dislike for the man. Luke continued to gawp at Ann without flinching, except when his eyes were drawn back to her legs."

Excerpt from Murder Most Extreme

“Elizabeth Rex has created a compelling and thrilling read. The plot twists and real characters make this book unputdownable. Highly recommend!”

S. Hatton

Review for Murder Most Extreme

“A page-turner with superbly real characters and a gripping storyline. DCI Dixon’s investigation is riveting. Can’t wait for book two!”

B. Wheaton

Review for Murder Most Extreme

“The best thriller I’ve read in a long time. DCI Dixon’s character and the storyline had me hooked from page one. 5 stars from me, and highly recommend!”

J. Williams

Review for Murder Most Extreme

“An engrossing thriller from start to finish. DCI Dixon is a character you can’t help but root for all the way. Can’t wait for the next in the series!”

D. Jamal

Review for Murder Most Extreme

“A meticulously researched and gripping crime novel. The plot twists are so skillfully written, and Dixon is my new favourite copper. Literally unputdownable!!”

G. Marselek

Review for Murder Most Extreme


Elizabeth Rex

Elizabeth is a published author. Passionate about what she does, her stories will transport you to another time and place.


I was born in the diamond city of Kimberley in the Northern Cape, South Africa. I was educated and graduated from high school with a matriculation certificate and an exemption pass. I began a career in general nursing at the local hospital and graduated with honours after 4 years with a nursing and midwifery diploma. I travelled to England in 1977 and began my post graduate courses in Intensive care, Ear nose and throat nursing. Gastrointestinal and endoscopy, colorectal research. First time drug testing in humans. I was one of the first research nurses in gastroenterology nursing. I lectured to clinical scientists at Warwick university during my stay at the Royal London hospital. I was head hunted and offered the post of  honorary research fellow at the Whitechapel society in the field of research into Irritable bowel disease for a period of 3 years. The neurosurgeons then offered me a post as research nurse for HEMS, helicopter emergency services at the Royal London for a period of 5 years. Thereafter I worked at various fertility, colorectal clinics in Harley street and The London Clinic for 3 years. I embarked on a career in community nursing at the Crowndale centre in Camden and have been doing this work up to the present time.

Inspiration for the novel

After the death of my spouse, my sister-in law plotted to have me murdered by paying 2 Nigerian hitmen to shoot me. Fortunately for me the Nigerians were afraid to do the deed. They approached a drug dealer to commit the murder but unbeknown to them the dealer was an informer for the police. He immediately informed the police of the Nigerian plot. The police advised him to accept their offer of £2000 to do the Hit. They attached wires to him and advised him to attend the meeting they arranged to give him the money and the gun. They met at a pub and were arrested. This happened while I was in South Africa winding up my spouses’ estate. The police put a guard at the house where I was staying and provided protection until I returned to the Uk. My sister-in law bribed the judge and the police and was never prosecuted. I was bereft with grief at the time and I also crossed swords with my sister-in-law over the 12 year relationship with her sister. She was fiercely homophobic and put us through hell plotting and scheming against us. So the murder plot just pushed me over the edge. I began planning to have her murdered. During my spouses’ illness from cancer, I gave my life to God. Thankfully I redirected my anger towards the characters in my book.


I embarked on a complementary a number of complementary medicine courses part time from 1991 to 2003, attaining diplomas in Chinese traditional medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic and sports massage, shiatsu, hot and cold stone therapies, neurolinguistic programming and autogenic training. I have practiced my therapies for 25 years and have a number of famous and high profile clients.I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for cancer research in 2009. My other pursuits are ballroom and Latin American dancing, archeology, history, the arts, ballet, opera and drama.

Plans for future books

I have already started the next book in my planned series of five thrillers which will feature DCI Ann Dixon, my protagonist of In the Light of Darkness.The second novel will deal with the illegal trade in Human organs. This is a real issue in Asia, Mexico and has moved to Eastern Europe. The book is entitled, Covert Harvest. I already have a title for the next book. Ring once for murder.


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